Lots of Seattle things & new zines coming up
It's for the experimental print broadside
And other news, plus more Seattle small press/zine events to know about.
and the joys of coding on my website lol
books in bookstores, bookmaking in Spectrolite, sewing book talk on Friday
a list of things I want to make, art project thoughts
A whole lot of sneak peek screenshots + some upcoming zine news
Plus some recipes we've been cooking, and pics of new zines and pamphlets.
Plus pictures from the studio
There’s a tiny dusting of snow on the ground in Seattle. I’m drinking tea out of my favorite mug, listening to the radiators hiss, smelling the hyacinth…
A new “how to sew a quilt” zine from me and Amy for All Well! And a faster version of Spectrolite. 
You can download the early "alpha" version of the Mac app now!